Classes are scheduled intermittently during the school year. Class schedule includes day and evening times. In addition, students can inquire about sessions start dates by calling the school office.

* Holiday Closings:

New Year’s Day

Good Friday

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

•Students are on vacation at the end of the third week in December until the beginning of the second (2nd) week in January for the holiday season. The school office is open all days except Saturday and Sunday and the above-mentioned holidays.


Before enrollment, each student is with a school catalog and written pre-enrollment information in English accurately describing:

·         Completion rates for students in the school;

·         Pass/fail rates of school graduates on licensing examinations;

·         Placement rates of the school’s graduates;

·         Compensation a successful graduate may reasonably expect;

·         The physical demands of practicing the profession;

·         Safety requirements for the profession;

·         Tennessee State Higher Education Commission licensing requirements;

The school catalog and pre-enrollment information are readily available at the school.

Upon admission, the student admitted the School Director sign an enrollment agreement in English. The agreement complies with THEC Enrollment Agreement Requirements. A copy of the agreement is provided to the student. Another copy of the completed enrollment is maintained by the school.

All students are given a complete orientation to help acquaint them with the school. This orientation is presented on the first day of the class.

Description of Facilities and Equipment Used for Educational Purposes

5507 Winchester Rd Suite #2 Memphis, TN 38115



•  Main classroom with seating capacity eight (8), TV for instructional purposes, and projector


•  Computers for students use will be in the classroom and front office area


•  Equipment for training: gait belt with a metal buckle, small notebook, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, a watch with a second-hand, and a badge holder (landscape with a clip), name tag



•  Front office area with Administrative Secretary desk area, computer, and locked file cabinet


•  Reception Area: main front entrance, with general seating area for guest upon entrance


•  Women and Men laboratory area with handicap accessibility for hands on skills training

The total square footage of the facility is 750 sq. ft.


•  Main parking is located directly in front of the school and additional parking on the side of the building for all students, guest, and faculty. All parking is free and accessible by handicap access


Camera monitored 24 Hours a Day right outside the Front Door and monitored by the Property Management.

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5507 Winchester Suite #2

Memphis, TN 38115

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